Dog Collar

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Video Demonstration

Dog Collar Instructions

  1. Unscrew knobs to allow enough room for item being sewn to slide freely under the clamp.
  2. Locate item to be sewn in the window opening (Be sure to leave enough room to clear the pressure foot when machine is operating.)
  3. Tighten the knobs on one end. While pulling the material taught, tighten the second set of knobs (line up the end of item with notches provided on the clamps; it will make lining each item up in the same location easier.)
  4. When sewing a strap or ribbon the lettering should not be more than 50%of the width of the item being sewn. If the lettering is too tall it will make the material snake back and forth. This will not sew well and may also cause bird nesting.
  5. The thicker the item (such as karate belts) the more you may need to adjust the tension of the dog collar