Mounting Frames

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Video Demonstration

Warning: DO NOT remove the chassis from your machine. All you need to do is clip the Fast Frames arm into the chassis.

Mounting Instructions for Fast Frames

Fast Frames are easy to use and attach to your machine.

Attach the 7 in 1 arm to the arms of the machine as you would your regular hoops. The center knob should be facing up and going back toward the machine. The 7 in 1 arm should lock into place using the circular and oval holes on the pins of your machine arms. The center knob (and pins) is where you attach the add-on frame you wish to use for the items being sewn.

You will need to do an outline (or trace) of your design to set the machine to center for each frame

Steps for Mounting

  1. Lay backing under the frame and line up as shown. Cut the backing, using the frame as your gauge, and your backing will fit with the frame correctly each time.
  2. Turn the frame upside down. Peel the paper from the backing. Place the backing on the frame. Be sure to allow backing to extend past the side and bottom of the frame.
  3. Fold the excess backing over the edge of the frame. This is needed to hold the garment in place.
  4. Your trace should already have been done, if not, do it now. Be sure to leave enough room that the pressure foot does not pinch the garment on the inner edge of the frame.
  5. Remove the frame from the machine. Insert frame into pocket. Smooth pocket on the adhesive backing. Place frame on the machine pulling the pocket open and around the bobbin case. Run your hand under the bobbin case to see if it is smooth. Cover rough heads of screws with cellophane tape.
  6. Sew. Tear garment away. Patch the hole with another piece of backing and continue.